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Zulekha is owned by a devout practicing Muslim family, the Ayyub family. From very humble beginnings, this hard-working Muslim family based in Preston began making samosas in the kitchen at home to sell the local community. They had a grand vision: To develop great tasting, wholesome, authentic Halal Food accessible to everyone in UK. Since those early days the business has built upon this legacy and stayed true to original vision, even after 20 years of service to the public. Today all of our products are proudly available for sale through national retailers all over the United Kingdom and Europe. The brand is now number 1 in UK for Kebabs, Ready Meals and Samosas and has very high recognition among Muslim communities. We believe that sticking to our original vision, continuing to innovate, but never losing site of our humble beginnings, the brand will continue to grow and be valued by Muslim families for many years to come.

At Zulekha our meat & poultry is prepared/slaughtered according to Islamic law and adheres to the following principles. The following halal principles are applied: The animal is healthy and alive prior to slaughter process The slaughter is carried out by the hand of a Muslim who is highly trained to carry out the slaughter under strict welfare conditions. The animal is dealt with one clean sweep of an extremely sharp knife to cause minimal suffering Prior to slaughter, the slaughter man invokes the name of Allah upon the animal to be slaughtered and during the process recites the tasmiya or shahada Any flowing blood from the carcass is completely drained.

In case you wish to receive your order within, much or less, 24 hours; you need to order before 11am and you will receive your order the next day. For example, if you order on Tuesday at 09:43 am, we will process, pack and ship your order within the day and you will receive your package sometime on Wednesday. In the slightly different scenario, you submit your order on Tuesday at 02:26 pm, your order will be processed, packed and shipped on Wednesday, reaching you sometime on Thursday.

Deliveries are made on Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday and Thrusday. This means you will receive your delivery on Tuesday - Wednesday - Thrusday - Friday.

In case you have made an order with us, thank you for putting trust in us! You are a short time away from being able to enjoy your favourite Zulekha Products! Next day free delivery policy is applied to any order over £40. This means (for example), if you submit your order on a Monday at 15:00, we will process it, pack it and ship it on Tuesday and our trusted delivery partner will deliver it to directly to your door on Wednesday.

You can purchase Zulekha products right here on our official website or from most of the Asian stores scattered throughout United Kingdom, from Edinburgh to Southampton. In addition, you can find our range in Asda. More mainstream supermarkets will sell our products in the near future.

In case you haven't received your entire order, first and foremost, please accept our most honest and sincere apologies. In 99% of the cases, it is because your missing product was out of stock in our distribution center. Managing an international supply chain means, sometimes we unexpectedly run out of your favourite product. A refund process is automatically ordered from our system and it will be with you within 2-3 business days. In case you wish to receive a 15% off discount coupon for your next order in exchange of the refund, please email us as soon as you can on '' and we will issue it personally to you.

In case you have a new product you would like us to make, don't be shy! Reach out to us and speak to us on '', tell us all about it!


Frozen and perishable goods are delivered in temperature controlled transport with packaging designed to keep your products frozen until it gets delivered to your door. Please freeze your products when you receive them. If there are any issues with your delivery upon arrival including missing items please email us as soon as you can on