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We are a Muslim family from Preston and we are members of our local mosque Masjid-E-Noor. At Zulekha we only handle halal products. Slaughtering of animals and their welfare are both of primary concern to us.

The following halal policy is applied:
✔️ All animals are to be alive & healthy prior to slaughter
✔️ The slaughtering is to be carried out by the hand of a Muslim
✔️ The animals are slaughtered with a swift incision to the throat with minimal suffering while reciting the Tasmiyah.
✔️ All blood is completely drained.
✔️The Quran teaches that all animals should be treated with respect and well cared for.

Yes, Zulekha is owned by practicing Muslims, The Ayyub family.

Currently our products are available from your local ethnic stores, we are working on supplying
the main UK retailers soon, watch this space.

We always welcome product suggestions from our customers. Our Innovations and Marketing
teams work together to develop and test new product ideas. Please send email to