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Who We Are

We are the Ayyub Family. We are passionate about food, and with our products we aim to bring joy to you with every bite. Our moto is simple, use great ingredients in our products and help make our customers lives more easier.

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Our Products

The products we make provide families with easily accessible, high quality food which form a core part of healthy balanced diet. All of our products are developed and produced with the family as an inspiration.

How We Work

We have a fantastic team at Zulekha, we manufacture great tasting halal food in our factory in Preston and deliver nationwide to you directly or from your local stores.

Our Products

Highest Quality


Made with passion, our famous samosa are all hand made by our dedicated team.

100% Natural

At Zulekha we only handle halal products certified by HMB.


All our products are made from home recipes just like mums makes them.

Zulekha Logo

Modern Muslim

We don’t only make samosa and kebabs but also ready meals such as Lasagne and Pasta.

Freshly Frozen

Our products are made fresh and frozen to lock the taste in.


Always striving to be the best.